How to make your childa Breakfast Champ?

Introduce the Power of Breakfast


Breakfast With Kellogg

Inform your child on the importance of grains and a balanced breakfast. Grainy and Milkhu have already told them what it takes to be an all-rounder when they visited your child’s school. Now all your child needs to do is join Team Breakfast and become a Breakfast Champ.

See what Grainy and Milkhu have to say about the Power of Breakfast.

Encourage and monitor


Breakfast With Kellogg

Help your child make friends with Grainy and Milkhu and record his/her day-to-day activities in the Breakfast Calendar every day for 30 days.

Your child will earn points on the basis of the kind of Breakfast he/she has (milk, cereal and fruits) and for academics, sports and hobby each. The more the points, better are your child’s chances of being a Breakfast Champ.

Be a proud parent


Breakfast With Kellogg

The top 75 students will be selected by our experts as the Breakfast Champs. What’s more, by this time, your child will feel more energised and eager to take up new challenges. And in wait for them will be a chance to pursue his/her passion with mentorship programs at the some of the best sporting academies, acting workshops and more!