3 out of 4 kids in India have a nutritionally inadequate breakfast which restricts them from learning and succeeding to their complete potential. Kellogg India has taken the initiative to nurture the next generation and transform them into successful all-rounders through the second edition of Breakfast Champs.

The secret to transform your child into a Breakfast Champ is to inculcate some healthy habits in them. These habits should ideally be a combination of a nourishing breakfast regime, active participation in sports, developing a hobby and regular attendance at school.

All you need to do is register here and track your child’s day-to-day activities in the Breakfast Calendar. The better your child’s performance, the more will be the points. The best 50 all-rounders from the country will be declared as the Breakfast Champs.

  • Introduce
    the Power of Breakfast

    Breakfast With Kellogg | Breakfast Champs

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    and monitor

    Breakfast With Kellogg | Breakfast Champs

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    Breakfast With Kellogg | Breakfast Champs

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